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Welcome back to my blog! Last week was Mental Health Awareness week, so I thought I would do a post which discusses the topic of mental health in relation to the fashion industry. It is important that we talk about mental health, not just during set dates, but all the time. It cannot be a taboo. Please keep on reading to find out my views on the proposed topic.

Yes. Yes is my answer to the title question. As a ‘millennial’ myself I do think the fashion industry has affected my mental health, particularly in regards to the way I view myself. The choosing of models not only by high-end brands for catwalks, but even down to online stores has a big impact on the way both young men & women view themselves. It is hard to feel good about yourself when you are constantly portrayed a body type that is different & ‘better’ to your own. I understand their are millennials with the body type that the fashion industry likes to use ( tall, slim, toned etc.), but not all of us look like this. So why should I have to view clothes on a body that looks different to mine, trying to imagine them on my body is a rather hard task at times. Therefore, this lack of diversity is what causes millennials to feel bad about themselves. It makes us lose confidence in our own appearance when the fashion industry is constantly displaying their idea of perfect. It’s hard not to look. It’s hard not to compare. Another reason for low-self esteem I find, is the terminology that the fashion industry likes to use when describing their models/ their clothing. An example of this would be the term ‘plus sized’. Why can’t clothes just be for everyone? Why do they have to be categorized? To force people to have to shop in different sections because of their body shape/size is an outrageous concept to me. No one should feel embarrassed or ashamed when buying clothes, online or in-store. Yet the fashion industry’s insistence on labelling is causing millennials yet again to feel bad about themselves. It makes you contemplate your self-worth; ‘am I not — enough to buy clothes from the ‘normal’ range?’.

Recently, whilst browsing the MissGuided website, I came across their ‘plus size’ model… I was shocked. The young female model in the photograph seemed to be a size 10/12. The same size as me. I would not consider myself to be ‘plus sized’, but after seeing this, maybe I am? This is what the fashion industry does. And it is not just female millennials. young men are represented in the fashion industry in a way that is so unrepresentative of society. Millennial men are presented constantly with models who have perfect muscular bodies, with abs and strong jawlines etc. Again I know some people do look like this. But, can you imagine the pressure if you don’t? It seems like that is almost an expectation of young men to have this type of body, because of the fashion industry’s choices. As a female I cannot speak from personal experience of how this would make millennial men feel, but I know I would feel immense pressure to get my body to look the same as the models you see wearing the clothes on online websites/ on catwalks. If my body didn’t look like that, I would feel badly about myself and my appearance, just the same as what young millennial women feel when they look at female models in the industry.  This pressure we feel to look a certain way can cause not only low self-confidence, but also it could cause millennials to develop problems with their relationship with food/eating disorders. A scary concept, but one that is very real in today’s society.

Airbrushing/ editing photos is another big issue. I see an image of a model wearing a bikini for example. No stretch marks. No cellulite. No hair. Once again this is so unrepresentative of young women in society. But, as a consumer looking at this image I wouldn’t think that. I just think about how I don’t look like the model, and how I should look like the model & what I should do to look like the model. Cellulite, stretch marks and hair are all perfectly natural & normal. They are nothing to be ashamed of, so why does the fashion industry insist on editing them out? We should be sending a message of self-love to young millennial women, not lying to them and showing them images that aren’t true/real. This frustrates me more than anything.

I would be more inclined to buy an outfit if I could relate to the model, wouldn’t you?

Personally, I have tried to disconnect the way I feel about myself to the way I view models when online shopping/ watching catwalk shows etc. As a young millennial woman I understand now that my body type/shape is okay even if it doesn’t look like the ones that are constantly shown to us by the fashion industry. I am healthy and happy, that’s what matters. But, like many others, I still have days of comparing myself to the tall, toned, slim models. The fashion industry is changing yes. With more diverse model body types being used in runway shows, and online websites (for example using non airbrushed images of models). But, to me this almost feels forced and un-genuine. The fashion industry knows that millennials are a big target consumer for them, they know that we want to see a greater representation of models, so that’s what they have started to give us. They still only represent a select few body types, such as slim or plus size. Nut there are so many shapes and sizes in between that go unrepresented.  I only hope that the industry does carry on changing & evolving into an industry that doesn’t affect young people’s mental and physical health.

Thank you for reading,

Chloe Payne.



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Welcome back to my blog! I have been away on my holidaze for the past 2 weeks to (not so) sunny Portugal! I will do a blog post with pics from my trip soon! I am back today with another trend related post. This time the trend I have spotted is *drum roll* contrast stitching! I have seen this trend not only on the usual fashion clothing sites such as Misguided and Topshop, but I have seen A LOT of Instagram influencers rocking the contrast stitching look! I LOVE it! My personal fave is white denim with black contrast stitching & visa versa. I think it looks so cool… I am here for this trend! Below I have included some examples of pieces as well as some of my fave gals who have been slaying this trend! Let me know what you think; love? Hate? I hope you enjoyed this short post & I will be back soon!

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Chloe x


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Welcome back to my blog! Quick trend related post today! Whilst scrolling through Instagram, I saw a post from VogueRunway that caught my attention; a picture of Yara Shahidi. She was wearing several shades of yellow ( I would call it mustard). The caption was ‘”Gen Z Yellow” is the new millennial pink’. Quite a big claim I thought! As a lover of pink, especially baby pink, and being a millennial myself, I was intrigued by their trend prediction! Especially considering how big pink as a trend has become recently. But if Vogue post about it, it must be a trend, right? I did a quick browse on Zara and Topshop, two popular & fashionable high street stores, to see what I could find. Although there wasn’t an overpowering amount of ‘Gen Z Yellow’ garments, sure enough, the trend has emerged in the ‘new in’ section! I was surprised that it had slipped under my fashion radar until now. Who knows, you might see me rocking a ‘Gen Z Yellow’ coloured dress this summer 😉 I have included some screenshots of the items I found! Let me know what you think of this new colour trend; love it? Hate it? I want to know!

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Thanks for reading,

Chloe x


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Welcome back to my blog! For something a little different today, I thought I would share my thoughts on a collection I recently discovered. Palomo Spain’s S/S18 collection catwalk show seemed to push the boundaries of gender; the male models can be seen in dresses/ skirts, wearing jewellery, wigs & makeup, which are typically feminine things. Also, all the male models wore heels, another stereotypically female item.  I loved this element of the show. I think that it is very current with what is happening in the world in regards to views on gender, and I believe that other designers should take a note from Palomo Spain’s book. The collection itself I found to be very extravagant; there was lots of oversized elements such as large buttons & bags. The materials that were used, e.g. silk, feathers, shells, sequins, gems etc. also made it look very extravagant. Despite this, I thought that it was done it a very elegant way; rather than looking garish it looked expensive. The colour palette for the collection was extremely varied. It incorporated bright, almost psychedelic colours, in addition to the softer pastel colours, like baby blue & baby pink. This I thought makes the collection very versatile, and appealing to a wider range of people… there is a colour that everyone will like. Co-ords seemed to be a popular occurrence throughout, with many pieces having a matching top/shirt to a pair of trousers/skirt, perhaps this will be a trend for Spring/Summer this year.  Additionally, there were a wide range of patterns used in the collection. This included floral, animal print, stripes and elements of geometric & psychedelic influence. A great variety. Mesh was another key theme I noticed, with dresses that used mesh exposing the body of the model underneath, but none too risky, with petals or extravagant beading being used in conjunction. Overall, the collection and catwalk had a very cool vibe. From the models that seemed to all portray a different story to the clothes, to the hotel location, it all seemed very thought out, and very ‘2018’. Below I have included a few photos from the collection. ( photos via F.Y!).

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I enjoyed writing this fashion themed post, let me know what you think of the collection!

Thanks for reading,

Chloe x


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Welcome back to my blog! For today’s post I thought I would do a brand focus  piece on a brand I have recently discovered/ been introduced to; L.L. Bean. So, if you would like to find out more about the brand, including my thoughts & views on them… which takes me down a philosophical road I was not expecting to go down, then please keep on reading!

Over the Christmas holidays my brother & sister-in-law mentioned a brand to me whilst we were chatting about my fashion based university course (how it was going, what I had been doing etc.). The brand they had told be about was called ‘L.L. Bean’; I had never heard of them before, but as my brother and sister-in-law told me what they knew, I thought I would find out more myself, and turn it into a blog post!

They told me that they had started to use the L.L. Bean not so long ago; it is a brand that promotes sustainable clothing, rather than fast fashion, in order to help the environment by cutting down on waste. I thought that this seemed like a really clever idea, to put it simply. They also mentioned that the company had a guarantee policy that if, for example one of their item’s that you have purchased develops a hole, then you can send it back and they will fix it/ replace it, another idea that seems very forward thinking. Their items are intended to last a lifetime, in a hope that people stop constantly rebuying clothes that are low in quality, & cheap, and so if they rip etc., would simply be thrown away, which leads to excessive waste. This all sounded really innovative and astoundingly positive to me so far.

The brand however appeal to a certain type of person, such as my brother and sister-in-law, whom are not so much interested in trend focused clothing, but more so sustainable long-lasting items that are suited to an outdoor based lifestyle. Whereas taking someone like myself for example, like many people in the fashion industry of today, I am more so interested in the here and now fashion; high-street stores that can offer me an affordable and quick fix for a high-end inspired piece, or a trend I know will only last for a season. Is this bad of me? I never thought about the consequences that these fast fashion stores, such as MissGuided, Primark etc., have on the world/environment. Should I start buying clothing with a different ideology? An investment that will last a lifetime, rather than something that will last 2 months. Hmmm. The L.L. Bean pieces are more expensive initially, but ultimately you would be saving money in the long term because you wouldn’t have to ever repurchase the item. Which makes a lot of sense economically.

Maybe the future of fashion should take a page out of L.L.Bean’s book, but how? The world of fashion is so fast paced, constantly changing, how would an ideology like that of L.L. Bean’s work? Of course the fast fashion isn’t appealing to everyone, but neither is non-trend focused clothing. It seems as if I have opened a can of worms here… I can’t stop thinking about possible solutions to this predicament! Be sure to let me know what you think about the brand if you have heard about them before/ bought from them, I would love to know!

Overall, I think that the brand’s idea of lifetime guarantee on clothing is great. And that more brands should be doing the same thing. It has also made me think on a personal level about my shopping habits in relation to buying clothes from shops with at a low price, with a low quality, and little information about where the clothing itself has actually come from/ been made/ been made by! Food for thought that is for sure. Who knew one clothing brand could make me reflect on myself and the world so much!

I will be back soon with some very exciting news!

As always,

Thank you for reading,

Chloe x


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Welcome back to my blog! Today’s post will be short, sweet, and all about the colour of the season…Red! Everyone knows red screams Christmas and is always a popular colour at this time of year, but now more than ever the colour has been absolutely everywhere! Not only is it the colour of the Christmas season, but its the colour of the A/W ’17 fashion season too! It seems like every high-street window/shop display I have seen over the past month or so features the colour red, specifically bright red. I am someone who personally loves more monotone colours when it comes to clothing, however I have actually been loving red as the trend colour for the season! Although I wouldn’t wear, for example, a full red suit, I think bold red accessories such as a bag or pair of red boots, really help to spice up a typically plain outfit; they add a pop of colour that makes you stand out from the crowd. Below I have included some images of the colour red in fashion at the minute, and believe me, I could have found thousands of examples! Let me know in the comments if you’re loving the colour too!


Thank you for reading,

Chloe x


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Welcome back to my blog! Today I thought I would share with you a concept I created a few months ago whilst putting together my Fashion Communication portfolio; ‘Of the Minute’. My idea for this is to make it a reoccurring post which will feature different things I think are ‘Of the Minute’, these may include for example, brands of the minute, trends of the minute, fashion icons of the minute etc. For the first instalment below I have decided to focus on a few current and popular trends (of the minute) that I have noticed this past month of October. If you want to find out what they are, then please keep on reading!

  1. The Slogan/Branded t-shirt – Gucci started this trend off a few months ago with there iconic branded t-shirt (see picture), and ever since the popularity of the trend has continued to grow with online shops such as Missguided, as well as high-street retailers like Topshop bringing an abundance of options out. Personally I have boarded the slogan tee trend; I think they can be such as staple piece to an outfit that can be dressed down with trainers or dressed up with a blazer & heels. Speaking as someone who can’t afford the Gucci original, I’m here for the high-street’s alternatives!



2. Sports Luxe/ Trainers/ Stripes- This trend is absolutely everywhere at the minute. I don’t think I can walk anywhere for 5 minutes without seeing someone with trousers that have a stripe down them ( myself included). Sports Luxe as a trend has been apparent for a while now, but with the re introduction/take on Adidas’ OG stripe the hype over the trend has reached new levels. And I am obsessed. Every online website I look on has sold out of there version of the trend, whether it be a smart trousers, a pair of joggers or even as simple as a pair of leggings. But I am determined to find more side striped items… before the trend dies that is. Trainers it seems have also had a comeback this past month or so with brands releasing new styles, as well as reviving the old classics, such as the Nike Air Max 97’s. Easy to wear, comfy and fashionable… what more could you want?

6942157-2untitled (15)untitled (14)untitled (17)untitled (16)


3. Fur- Another big trend I have noticed recently since the weather has been getting colder is the emergence of fur jackets ( faux of course). With brand such as Zara releasing surprisingly affordable options, in addition to the more expensive versions from other brands, I feel like it is definitely the coat trend of the season. Additionally, a new take on the traditional fur jacket that have spotted recently has been the ‘teddy bear’ style of fur. Front runners of the trend seem to be Urban Outfitters and Missguided, as well as multiple Depop sellers copying the style. I need one in my life ASAP!



untitled (20)untitled (21)untitled (19)untitled (18)untitled (22)









4. 90’s revival- The last trend for this addition of ‘Of the Minute’ I had to mention is the 90’d revival trend. One key item that has been incredibly popular recently has to be the hoop earring; whether they’re big or small, gold or silver, it seems that everyone owns a pair! Once again, myself included. At first I was sceptical about the trend, but now I literally wear mine with everything… hoodie? Hoops. Dress? Hoops. Pyjamas? Hoops. It’s safe to say I’m addicted. Another element of the 90’s trend I have noticed whilst browsing online is square neck and halter neck comeback. A popular trend in previous years that has once again starting to reappear; one that I shall have to keep my eye on other the next few months. But I predict it will be a big one!


images7KGEH6YPuntitled (23)untitled (24)


Look out for the next instalment of ‘Of the Minute’!

Thank you for reading,

Chloe x

PROJECT PINK: Photo-shoot.


Welcome back to my blog! This week on the FCP course we were challenged to do a photo shoot using a specific colour given to us as the subject matter. My designated colour was pink ( and as I am sure you may have guessed, I was very happy about!). The shoot could have any concept we wanted, as long as it incorporated our colour in addition to portraying a message. Below I thought I would share the final images from the shoot, in addition to the initial ideas I had about what I wanted the story behind the pictures to be. I hope you enjoy!

Initial ideas:

One of the first ideas I had was to use one male and one female model as a way of portraying a physically oxymoronic image. The girl would be dressed in a feminine way, to depict the stereotype that pink is a ‘girly’ colour. In contrast, the boy would be dressed in a pink blazer (or something that would have a similar effect), in order to show that pink can also be a masculine colour. The picture would therefore be both subverting and supporting the westernized stereotype the colour pink possesses, whilst simultaneously looking like a editorial shot for a clothing range/ campaign.

Final idea:

Due to model troubles (aka I couldn’t find a male model, uni boys ay!), the photo shoot had to take a slightly different approach. This involved the female model wearing two different contrasting looks; one an overly feminine outfit as planned, and then an ‘edgy’ outfit, both using the same statement dress. This therefore still told a similar story, that pink is more than just a ‘girly’ colour, however in a different way then originally planned. I am still happy with the images, especially considering the fact that it was the first photo-shoot of the course, although I am sure there will be many more to come!


Look 1

  • Pink satin shirt dress with ruffles: Zara.
  • Pink fluffy heels: Primark.
  • Pink faux fur: Primark.
  • Pink feather earrings: Primark.

For the first look I had in mind an image of extreme feminine glamour; going OTT with the garments’ textures was key to create an expensive editorial look (on a uni student budget).

Look 2:

  • (same dress)
  • Denim jacket: New Look.
  • Trainers: Adidas.
  • Glasses: models own.

For the ‘edgy’ look I wanted to try and incorporate current fashion trends, such as the distressed denim jacket and the Adidas trainers, but in a way that makes the look seem wearable to a current audience… I think I achieved this!

The setting:

For the setting of the photo-shoot I envisioned somewhere versatile; a place that would be appropriate to use for both of the looks. With that in mind I settled on the roof top garden above the university library, which is a beautiful setting; a little hidden treasure!. I think the setting helped make the shoot look more professional, as well as making the pink theme really pop.

Overall I am happy with the final outcome of the photo-shoot; I think I had a strong concept, and also a few of the pictures I think turned out great! ( I surprised myself… you never know I might turn into a budding photographer by the end of this course!)

I hope you enjoyed this blog post! It feels good to be back in the swing of things.

Another pink themed post will be coming very soon, so keep your eyes out for that!

Thank you for reading,

Chloe x

OOTN: Lace.


Welcome back to my blog! Today, I thought I would share an ‘outfit of the night’ that I wore earlier in the week for a dinner and the theatre trip with my friend! I wanted to wear a few new items that I have picked up recently, whilst keeping the outfit smart-casual. I loved the look I created, let me know what you think too! Details on the items will be below with images as always. I am also sporting my new short hair in the images… and so far, I am loving it! It is definitely a big change for me (I have had long hair for years now) but I was feeling a big change! I think my hair cut is will help me find my new style and reinvent my overall image… if you can’t do it in the new year, when can you?! So, without further ado, I hope you enjoy this post, and please keep reading!








Outfit Details:

  • Top- River Island ( check out my ‘January Sales’ post for more information!)
  • Bralette- New Look.
  • Jeans- Topshop ‘Mom’ jeans.
  • Scarf- Primark.
  • Shoes- Primark.
  • Bag- Primark.
  • Coat- Topshop.
  • Lipstick- Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick in the shade ‘Androgyny’

More outfit posts to come in the future!

Thanks for reading,

Chloe x

Date Night Outfit.


Welcome back to my blog! I hope everyone is having a great week. For my post today, I thought I would share an outfit I wore a few days ago for a date night with my boyfriend. Details on my OOTN will be below with pictures as always! So if you want to see what I wore for my meal out, then please keep on reading!




  • T-shirt Dress- MissGuided.
  • Thigh High Boots- New Look.
  • Leather Jacket- Topshop.
  • Choker- Primark.
  • Bag- Primark.
  • Lipstick- Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick in shade ‘Leo’.

I hope you liked my date night outfit! A new makeup themed post will be coming soon so keep your eyes peeled!

Thanks for reading,

Chloe x