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Welcome back to my blog. Today I thought I would do a post on imitation/copying in the fashion industry, discussing my views on the topic. If you want to find out what I think, then please keep on reading!

The inspiration behind me writing this post was from a recent project at university, where we were advised to take inspiration from other brands in order to create our own. But that’s all it was-inspiration. So, where is the line between being inspired by someone else’s work, to straight up copying it without giving credit? Recently, I have seen an ever-growing amount of brands who seem to be copying others. These have been drawn to my attention from my own discoveries, as well as an account on Instagram called ‘Diet Prada’. The account, for those who don’t know, focuses on exposing fashion brands that seem to have taken a little too much inspiration from others; whether it be a photo shoot or the product itself. They compare the ‘original’ to the imitation. I find it rather interesting to see how many brands openly copy others. Obviously they would never admit to doing so, but I think that it is strange that they think no one will notice that they have done so.  They may admit to ‘taking inspiration’ from another designer or photographer etc., but I am unsure how similar two things can be before a line has to be drawn. However, despite this I do think that some cases of ‘copying’ are a lot worse than others; I believe that it is worse for well established high-end brands to openly rip off independent designers for example, in comparison to a low-end/high-street brand such as PrettyLittleThing, to mimic a big named brand, like they did with Kanye West’s collection. My reasoning is because the target consumer for brands like Missguided etc. will be worlds apart from that of the original product/piece by the high-end brand like Gucci. Therefore, there is no competition between the two in terms of sales; aka Missguided won’t be stealing customers from Gucci because they are targeted at two very different audiences. High-street brands make trends more accessible to younger people/people with a lower income than someone who shops at high-end stores. Is it right for them to copy the high-end brand and sell it for a fraction of the cost? No. I don’t believe that it is. But at the same time I don’t think that taking inspiration from bigger more expensive to buy brand is as bad as when I high-end copies the work of an independent designer/photographer/stylist etc. Their name isn’t established. They aren’t well-known. They don’t have the big budgets/income to take legal action if they were copied. I have seen it so many times where even university students’ work has been stolen by established brands/ other designers, slightly altered and then passed off as their own. I don’t understand it! How don’t they feel guilty for doing this? The small/ independent designers may be trying to get their name & their work out there, how are they meant to do this successfully if their work is being stolen & used without their permission or knowledge? Moreover, I definitely disagree with ‘fakes’, such as when market stalls sell fake versions of handbags, makeup etc.. Inspiration is okay, but physically copying the brands pattern, logo, name; that isn’t. ESPECIALLY when it comes to beauty products because you never know what ingredients are in the fake versions, for example some may be harmful& consumers won’t know.

Overall, I do think there is an arguable line between brands taking inspiration from other brands or designers, but where that line actually sits in the industry is questionable.

Let me know what you think on the topic! It would be good to here more opinions than just my own.

Thanks for reading,

Chlöe x


DIY: Cut Out T-shirt.


Welcome back to my blog! For today’s post I thought I would share with you a step-by-step guide for a DIY I recently did. So if you want to know how I turned a normal t-shirt into a cut out tee (that is bang on trend at the minute) then please keep on reading!

What you will need:img_6118

  • A T-shirt
  • Sharp/dress maker scissors.
  • Chalk.
  • Pins.
  • A friend – you might need an extra pair of hands for some stages!
  • A4 piece of paper.


  1. Step one in this DIY is to research examples of cut out tops; I found two variations ( pictured below) to base my t-shirt on/ that I wanted to combine. v neckimg_6119
  2. Step two is to buy a t-shirt; I used a men’s t-shirt ( size large a I wanted to wear it as a dress/oversized tee) from Primark which was only £3, and they had lots of colours to pick from! img_5827
  3. Step three is to use a piece of A4 paper and place it on the t-shirt and, once you have decided how big/ deep you want the cut out to be, draw a triangle on the paper. Don’t worry if the lines aren’t straight, as we are going to sharpen the lines up with scissors. fullsizerender-47
  4. Step four- Use a pair of scissors ( I used dress makers scissors  to ensure that the cut was as clean as it could be) to cut across the lines so you end up with a triangle that will represent the cut out. fullsizerender-48
  5. Step five- put the t-shirt on and, ask a friend/ parent to help pin the triangle shaped piece of paper onto the top, then carefully take the top off. img_6117
  6. Step six is to take a piece of chalk and draw around the triangle on to the top. This is going to at as a guide when we cut the t-shirt.fullsizerender-44
  7. Step 7- Remove the pins and the piece of paper from the top ( you may want to keep the triangle for reference if you try the DIY out again!)
  8. Step 8 is to carefully use the scissors to cut out the triangle shape we drew onto the top. Take your time at this stage making sure the cut out is as even, and the point of the triangle is centralised.
  9. Step 9- try the t-shirt on and make sure the cut out is as deep/ wide as you want it. You can then make any corrections needed until you are happy with how it looks. img_5993
  10. Step 10 is simple… rock your new DIY cut out t-shirt! img_6116img_6092

I hope you enjoyed this DIY blog post! Let me know if you try it out!

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Thanks for reading,

Chloe x