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Welcome back to my blog! For today’s post I thought I would share with you my dislike for perfume advertisements in a hope that some of you reading also feel the same way. I’ll keep it short, but maybe not so sweet. I have a few reasons for my hate; number 1… the fact that the don’t make sense. Why is Julia Roberts walking through a party turning walls into diamonds? How is that selling the Lancôme perfume? It’s not. I understand  that perfume companies have to sell their product via celeb endorsement and an eye catching story line because we don’t have ‘smellavision’, but to me, they have nothing to do with perfume. I spend half my time wondering what the advert is persuading me to buy, and by the end of the ad, I would never of guessed that it would be perfume. Also, the cliché adverts annoy me; they play heavily on stereotypes of a couple, mainly the woman falling for the man because of his scent, or lots of women falling the man. Boring! So overdone… Do men really believe that will happen in real life? Another reason I hate perfume ads is the fact that they are so extravagant, for example the Miss Dior ad featuring Natalie Portman… it must have cost millions to make the advertisement. The ad sees the actress in many different settings, such as a beach, a lavish house and even Paris. Yet I still didn’t fully understand the message of the ad, or why it would persuade me to buy the perfume; mostly I just thought about how OTT it was. But, do these ads work? They must do! Not for me personally, but I can guarantee that for some people, the eccentric and confusing ads must be persuasive enough for them to buy the perfume, or at least go into Boots to smell it!

Overall, I just dislike the over the top and over done perfume ads that have nothing to do with perfume! My face is a constant eye roll emoji when they come on TV LOL. Let me know what you think of them!



Thank you for reading,

Chloe x



My love/hate relationship with Victoria’s Secret.

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Welcome back to my blog! As you have probably guessed by the title, this blog post will be all about my love/hate relationship with Victoria’s Secret, focusing mainly on the Catwalk Show that took place a few weeks ago, and aired last night. If you want to fins out more about my mixed view on the brand and it’s event, then please keep on reading.

untitled (35)

VS Catwalk Show 2017


First, a little bit of background about the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion show; it is large scale event, costing an estimated $12 million, where Victoria’s Secret models such as Adriana Lima & Candice Swanepoel, walk the runway in VS underwear, often with extravagant props, for example the famous angel wings. Another added element to the show is the famous singers/musicians, who perform whilst the models are walking, in the past examples include Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars and The Weeknd; this year Harry Styles performed on the runway. The hype around the show both before through the models own YouTube Channels, social media etc., and after is unbelievable; the show’s highest viewing is 9,700,000… an insane number if you ask me! So what are my personal thoughts about the show? Let’s start off with the positives…

untitled (36)

Jasmine Tookes


The craftsmanship behind the catwalk show has to be acknowledged and applauded; the level of detail that goes into each look is extremely impressive. The time & effort it must take to sew each Swarovski crystal on to each bra, every feather on to each pair of wings, even the set up the of the stage itself is overwhelming, and there definitely has to be a level of aesthetic appreciation, even if you don’t like the show itself.  Additionally, the work behind the event, specifically the ideas/concepts, are also well thought out and well achieved in my opinion; they have a theme and they go for it, which as an audience is captivating. Another positive about the show is the fact that it has a high level of ethnic diversity; the models are from every continent of the world (apart from Antarctica). In contrast to other brands who have only recently started to use models that have varied skin tones and ethnicities, VS began doing this a number of years ago, and continue to do so with each show that passes. Therefore, his allows me to think that as a brand they are genuinely diverse, rather than that they have simply joined the ‘band wagon’ due to pressure from the media, other brands, society etc. I understand that the overall concept of the show is a ‘fantasy’, which is further reinforced by the ‘fantasy bra’; an expensive one-off piece that one model per annual show gets to wear, these have been known to cost millions. The model’s themselves are clearly stunning, with amazing bodies, which thus ends up creating a fantasy like effect; they are meant to be ‘angels’ after all. However, I feel like this is wear the problem with the show begins…

I can appreciate the beauty of the models undoubtedly, and the hard work they put in to get the bodies they have, BUT, there is NO variation between the models on stage. Each one has to fall within a certain waist measurement, height etc. This is clearly not a representation of real life. Yes, there are women that look like the models in the world, who have slim figures, but there are also shorter girls, curvier girls etc. Therefore, I feel that as a watcher of the VS catwalk show, they are showing an idealised body shape that is simply unobtainable; as a young female I find it disheartening that I don’t look like they do in underwear. But, like I said I can appreciate their beauty. This is where the controversy lies; they are meant to be fantasy-like rather than obtainable goals. This to me almost suggests they are ‘higher’/ more prestigious than us ‘average’ (completely not average, absolutely amazing in own right) girls, and that we should look at them in awe. Would it not be better to change and have a variety of different body shapes on the catwalk? It might take away from their fantasy element, which they are so clearly hanging on to, but, would it not appeal to more people as a result? I think it would! Why do they have a variety of skin tones on the catwalk, but not a variety of body types? This suggests to me that they are only diverse to a certain extent. I feel as though that this year in particular VS missed a huge opportunity to change and update their mantra; they could of had a fully diverse range of models who have different skin tones, as well as different body shapes and sizes. But they stuck to their usually and expected body shape. This surprised me, especially considering the ever-growing popularity and acknowledgement that ‘plus size’ models are receiving right now, for example, I believe that Ashley Graham would have been a perfect choice to walk in the show. Why did they miss this? Was it because they thought the fantasy of the models would be taken away if they had a more varied and diverse casting? If they do decide to change for next year’s

untitled (38)

Ashley Graham

show, personally, I think this will be too late; it will feel forced and insincere. But we shall see if this time next year if anything has changed. I believe that their failure to adapt to society’s new and improved beauty standard ideologies is a main reason for their fall in sales prices over the past years. Why won’t they change? That’s the big question. So many more girls would look at the models as similar to themselves, not as an out of reach ‘goal’ that only highlights one body type; it would prove to the world that everyBODY is beautiful. Why would they not want to promote that message?



Overall, it cannot be denied that there is an extreme level of craftsmanship, artistry and hard work that goes into the Victoria’s Secret fashion shows, however, it feels to me that the fantasy concept is now outdated; they need a update… Yesterday. Let me know what your views are on the VS show, do you love it ? Or do you hate it? I’ll be back soon with a trend related post, keep your eyes peeled!

Thanks for reading,

Chloe x

A visit to Nottingham Contemporary.


Welcome back to my blog! For today’s post I thought I would share with you my visit to Nottingham Contemporary. So if you want to find out more than please keep on reading!

First a little bit of background information; Nottingham Contemporary is an international art centre with a strong sense of local purpose. Our exhibition programme has been described as “constantly inventive” by The Observer (taken from the Nottingham Contemporary website).

Now for my experience; Yesterday, on my day off from Uni, I took it upon myself to go out and visit Nottingham Contemporary. On my course (FCP) we are advised to try and experience as much as we can as a way of trying to absorb art, culture and history that will aid us as we progress. With that in mind, I thought why not go and visit the gallery! Especially because it is only a 15 minute walk away from the University and also the gallery is free to the general public, which is perfect for me as a student ( I had no excuse not to go! really!). Before entering the gallery itself I picked up the leaflet which contained information about the photography that was being featured; the exhibition was entitled ‘States of America’. The gallery continuously update and change the exhibitions, which means you can go visit once every few months and get a new/different experience each time! The exhibition I went to visit is on show for another 2 weeks so check it out if you’re in the Nottingham area!

The gallery itself contained 250 pieces by 17 photographers which are split up into different rooms containing different themes/sections within each, these included ‘Social Landscape’, ‘In Colour’, ‘Capturing Place’, ‘The 1960’s’, ‘Around Harlem’, ‘Taking time’ and ‘Making Portraits’. My personal favourite section was ‘Around Harlem’; the images within this section had hand written messages surrounding them, written by the people within the photographs themselves. I found this concept very interesting; it gave a narrative to each individual image, it allowed you to gain an insight into their lives and thus, it made me think deeper or relook at the photograph after reading the message. Each one contrasted/ juxtaposed the next; there was an image of a young woman who lived by herself surrounded by poverty, which was placed closed to an image that portrayed a rich, white, elderly couple. I thought this was a very clever touch. The image of the elderly couple was one of my favourite because of the story it told; the man was sat down on a chair, with his wife stood a few feet away from him. They had no intimacy or signs of compassion towards each other. This was reflected by the messages that surround the photograph that were written by the couple; the lady wrote a long message, describing her devotion for her husband, how she thought he looked divine in the picture, and also how her husband didn’t show affection, but she was never unhappy about that. She was a woman whom clearly loved her husband. This contrasted to his short two sentences that stated that their relationship was ‘satisfactory’ and that he thought, in other words, that she looked okay in the photograph. I thought that it was intriguing how from the photograph itself, by looking at their facial expressions, body language, positioning etc. that you can infer what type of relationship they might have, which is strongly backed up by each of their personal synopsises. It seems that I could talk about the image for much but I will get back to the gallery instead!

All of the images had been carefully selected and ordered, that was clear. It was a very interesting selection of photographs; each on told a different story, but some how they all seemed connected. The photography aspect is something that I am not so much of an expert on, but some photos did really catch my eye and make me physically stop & stare. One was a close up image of a black woman, with great beauty, she had large sunglasses on and  coating of lipgloss, both of which seemed to catch the light just right… it is  stunning shot. There was great variance in relation to the type of photography that ranged from snap shots and candid’s, to staged & posed pictures, however each one seemed appropriate for their individual subject matter/ story the photographer was trying to convey. The images featured have inspired me to try and develop my own knowledge about photography, as well as spurring on my goal of buying a camera!

A bit more of my personal experience in the gallery; As I was walking around the exhibition, I did feel strangely grown up, if that makes sense. Yes I am a 19n year old University student and so am an adult, but there was something about voluntarily going to an art gallery in my spare time, studying images by a range of photographers and reading everything there was to read, that was unfamiliar to me. But I did enjoy it. It was extremely silent as well, although it wasn’t busy, you could tell that everyone in there was appreciating the art in their own way, whether they had come for educational purposes like myself, or simply come for a browse as they were passing during a break at work or from a shopping trip. One man did wear noisy shoes though… big mistake for a silent art gallery! Even though it didn’t taken long to look around the exhibition ( around half an hour/ forty five minutes) I left feeling as if I had done something worth while with my spare time, I felt more educated an cultured, even if that is silly to say, I really did!

Overall, I very much enjoyed my first experience at the Nottingham Contemporary; I look forward to going back when the next exhibition is on! Unfortunately you are unable to take photographs within the gallery, which is completely understood, but it does mean that I have no images to share with you from my visit ( apart from one of the outside and of the brochure, neither of which are overly interesting, so my apologies there). I hope you have enjoyed this blog post nevertheless! Let me know in the comments if you have an recommendations of other art galleries, exhibitions or museums I should visit!


I made a small suggested donation and picked up this guide on the exhibition.



Thanks for reading,

Chloe x



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Welcome back to my blog! For today’s post I thought I would share with you my opinions, thoughts and overall judgement of the H&M collaboration with Erdem which was released last week (2nd of November). So, if you would like to find out more about what I think of the collection, then please keep on reading.

A little background info before we get onto the review; back in July H&M revealed that they would be collaborating with fashion designer Erdem Moralioglu. The label Erdem are known for their use of prints, rich fabrics and impressive craftsmanship, and are also a favourite designer of celebrities and even the Duchess of Cambridge. The launch of the 83 piece collection had been hyped up since its announcement; it had us all waiting in apprehension for the garments to be unveiled. In October we got a glimpse of the collection when the

November 2nd- the collection had gone live on H&M’s website at 9am. As predicted the site had crashed due to traffic, and so I couldn’t get onto the collections page (with it working properly) until later in the day, where all that was left in stock was a pair of men’s socks ( insert sad face emoji here). However I did get a chance to browse the collection during the morning, but the website itself wouldn’t allow me to click on any items, and with a little twitter search, it was clear that many people were having the same problem. This surprised me considering the hype and anticipation around the collections release, did they not plan well enough? Did they not expect the amount of online traffic they got? I cannot speak on the in-store experience as the H&M store near me did not stock the collection ( another sad face), however I can imagine it was very hectic. This can obviously be expected with any major fashion launch in the industry, so I wont be too harsh on H&M for that aspect of the review.

Onto the garments in the collection themselves… I won’t lie… I was underwhelmed! This is just my personal opinion on the pieces, but I thought that the theme of a large amount of them had been done before; aka floral prints, lace, bell sleeves etc. It didn’t overly excite me when I saw the garments on the websites page. When scrolling through there wasn’t anything that really stood out to me, or that I thought was new. So slight disappointment after so much hype. However, in relation to the designer everything was clearly on brand, I can appreciate the craftsmanship of all the pieces because everything did seem high quality. Additionally, I wasn’t sure what to make of the price point of the items within the collection; I know that when a high-street store collabs with amore high-end designer that the items will be more pricey than usual, but I think because I was underwhelmed with the clothing itself, paying near £100 for something seemed a lot to me. That being said, there were a few pieces I did like, and would of been tempted to purchase ( if the website had worked). One in particular was a men’s black hoodie which featured the floral print that was a constant pattern used throughout the collection. Reflecting on my thoughts on the collection now, I think that maybe I was harsh on the collection due to the fact that it is not my personal style, therefore I can understand why, from a different consumer POV, the collection would have been a ‘must’ to own.

To summarize, I feel that the theme of the collection ( romance, florals ect) wa son brand for the label Erdem, but perhaps ‘already done’ when it comes to high-street fashion. I can appreciate the craftsmanship element of the pieces themselves, but on a personal taste level, the clothing didn’t overly appeal to me. I did however really love the short film used as a promotion which helped to create a buzz around the collection in preparation for it’s release, but maybe too much ‘buzz’ for H&M to handle considering the website crashed.

I hope you enjoyed this slightly more critical blog post! Once again these are just my own opinions on topics within the fashion industry that I find of interest. Let me know if you liked the Erdem X H&M collaboration, and if you managed to get your hands on any of the pieces! Keep your eyes out for the next blog post coming soon!


Thanks for reading,

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Welcome back to my blog! Today I thought I would share with you a concept I created a few months ago whilst putting together my Fashion Communication portfolio; ‘Of the Minute’. My idea for this is to make it a reoccurring post which will feature different things I think are ‘Of the Minute’, these may include for example, brands of the minute, trends of the minute, fashion icons of the minute etc. For the first instalment below I have decided to focus on a few current and popular trends (of the minute) that I have noticed this past month of October. If you want to find out what they are, then please keep on reading!

  1. The Slogan/Branded t-shirt – Gucci started this trend off a few months ago with there iconic branded t-shirt (see picture), and ever since the popularity of the trend has continued to grow with online shops such as Missguided, as well as high-street retailers like Topshop bringing an abundance of options out. Personally I have boarded the slogan tee trend; I think they can be such as staple piece to an outfit that can be dressed down with trainers or dressed up with a blazer & heels. Speaking as someone who can’t afford the Gucci original, I’m here for the high-street’s alternatives!



2. Sports Luxe/ Trainers/ Stripes- This trend is absolutely everywhere at the minute. I don’t think I can walk anywhere for 5 minutes without seeing someone with trousers that have a stripe down them ( myself included). Sports Luxe as a trend has been apparent for a while now, but with the re introduction/take on Adidas’ OG stripe the hype over the trend has reached new levels. And I am obsessed. Every online website I look on has sold out of there version of the trend, whether it be a smart trousers, a pair of joggers or even as simple as a pair of leggings. But I am determined to find more side striped items… before the trend dies that is. Trainers it seems have also had a comeback this past month or so with brands releasing new styles, as well as reviving the old classics, such as the Nike Air Max 97’s. Easy to wear, comfy and fashionable… what more could you want?

6942157-2untitled (15)untitled (14)untitled (17)untitled (16)


3. Fur- Another big trend I have noticed recently since the weather has been getting colder is the emergence of fur jackets ( faux of course). With brand such as Zara releasing surprisingly affordable options, in addition to the more expensive versions from other brands, I feel like it is definitely the coat trend of the season. Additionally, a new take on the traditional fur jacket that have spotted recently has been the ‘teddy bear’ style of fur. Front runners of the trend seem to be Urban Outfitters and Missguided, as well as multiple Depop sellers copying the style. I need one in my life ASAP!



untitled (20)untitled (21)untitled (19)untitled (18)untitled (22)









4. 90’s revival- The last trend for this addition of ‘Of the Minute’ I had to mention is the 90’d revival trend. One key item that has been incredibly popular recently has to be the hoop earring; whether they’re big or small, gold or silver, it seems that everyone owns a pair! Once again, myself included. At first I was sceptical about the trend, but now I literally wear mine with everything… hoodie? Hoops. Dress? Hoops. Pyjamas? Hoops. It’s safe to say I’m addicted. Another element of the 90’s trend I have noticed whilst browsing online is square neck and halter neck comeback. A popular trend in previous years that has once again starting to reappear; one that I shall have to keep my eye on other the next few months. But I predict it will be a big one!


images7KGEH6YPuntitled (23)untitled (24)


Look out for the next instalment of ‘Of the Minute’!

Thank you for reading,

Chloe x

Has Nike had it’s day?

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Welcome back to my blog! Today I thought I would share with you my thoughts on a topic that has been floating around the fashion world recently… has Nike had it’s day? If you are interested in hearing my own opinion on the brand, including my POV on their recent advertisement choices, then please keep on reading!

Recently I came across a piece on Business of Fashion entitled ‘Nike needs to address it’s growing product problem’; the article itself discussed the evident downfall of Nike’s popularity and sales (check out the piece to find out more!). I found the piece of personal interest and so, decided to explore a little further into the brand of recent. This led me to develop my own ideas/opinions which I have listed and discussed below.

  1. The increase of high-street/online active wear- Active wear style clothing is absolutely everywhere at the minute. I can’t walk to a lecture at uni without seeing at least one person with a pair of trainers on or a pair of side striped trousers! Therefore I think the accessibility of clothing that was once considered to be traditionally sportswear only (i.e. wearing them to play sport in or go to the gym), but now is worn on a general day-to-day basis may have affected the brand’s popularity; you can buy active looking clothing in any high-street store or online clothing site now, rather than brands such as Nike exclusively stocking it. For example, brands such as Pretty Little Thing and Missguided sell a wide range of clothing that is from the active wear trend at the minute, but for an affordable price. This is due to the fact that it is only used for costume effect rather than to be worn for practical reasons, where as Nike as a brand are evidently more focused on the performance side of sports and active wear and so, their stock has a higher price range because of this. Consequently, more people are buying the trend pieces from fashion clothing stores, rather than from established sportswear brands because they are only interested in the trend/look of the items. Therefore, this is one reason I feel like Nike are slipping off the radar… they can’t compete in the same game that the high-street stores can.

2. Advertising- I believe that Nike has missed the mark with their latest advertisement campaign which featured Bella Hadid as the model, and here is why… I personally see Nike as a strong athletic brand, therefore, it was confusing to me as to why they decided to choose a model rather than an actual athlete as a means of promotion. Obviously Bella Hadid is an extremely popular model in the industry at the minute, so from that POV it makes sense for any brand to want her as their campaign model… the difference being that a brand who knows their audience and knows their own brand story would be more selective rather than choosing the obvious ( ‘Bella Hadid is popular right now, let’s get her to model for us because then we will be popular as a result’ feels like their logic behind the choice). For me, I believe that in order to stand out from other brands who have also been using popular / well known models recently, such as Kendal Jenner, Gigi Hadid etc, that Nike could have used the campaign as an opportunity to promote an up and coming female athlete, rather than a model who doesn’t play sport when promoting a sportswear brand. To me, seeing a strong female athlete, such as Serena Williams, would have been a much more fitting choice; it would appeal to young girls, give them a role model to look up to, promote females in sport, improve the brand’s image and consequently boost sales and the popularity of the brand. This is one of my own reasons/ opinions as to why the brand hasn’t been as successful as they have been in previous years… because their advertising campaigns do not successfully represent them as the sportswear brand that they are.

3. Competition- I feel like Nike as a brand have not been keeping up with current fashion trends as well as their rival sportswear brands have been. For example, Reebok, Fila and Adidas are brands which I have been seeing a lot recently in regards to the current trends of the 90’s rival, as well as sports luxe and street style/urban wear, all of which are becoming increasingly more popular as the weeks go on. Nike however have made little attempt to alter/change/modify themselves as a brand in order to suit these trends, nor have I seen any new releases if items/garments that I feel fall under the different trend categories previously stated. Therefore I feel that this is another explanation as to why they might be slipping off the map… in comparison to their competitors, Nike aren’t impressing the public or appealing to them.

Overall, as much as the brand might no be as dominant as they have been in previous years, I don’t think that this is the downfall/end of the Nike. I personally like the brand and shop at Nike when looking for new gym wear, however I wouldn’t ever browse Nike for trend related clothing like I would at their competitor Adidas for example. Despite this I am intrigued to see what their future plans/ releases will be! I hope you enjoyed this slightly different blog post; I am cautious to post about my views on fashion related subjects, especially when they concern such a well known brand. However, I feel like it is important to express your own opinion and view points on what is going on in the industry! I hope I will continue to be confident in portraying my opinions in the future… keep a look out!

Thank you for reading,

Chloe x




Welcome back to my blog! I hope everyone has been doing well! Long time no post… recently I have been feeling a little uninspired and unmotivated, a feeling I hope some of you might be able to relate to. Nonetheless, in a bid to shake this unwanted feeling off, I am back today with a very belated ‘favourite product’ post for the month of February. So, if you would like to find out what item of makeup I have chosen this time, then please keep on reading!

Throughout the month of February there was one product in particular that I constantly reached for, and so it only made sense to choose it… my Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick in the shade ‘Leo’. Whether it was in the day or at night, this liquid lip was my go to.

I love the colour; I would describe it as… well the word ‘rust’ springs to mind, although that doesn’t make it sound very appealing! The product description on the brand’s website describes it as a ‘ true matte honey brown’, in case my efforts didn’t do the colour justice 😉 But I have also left some pictures of the product at the end of post as always, so you can see what the colour looks like both on the lips and a swatch on the hand for comparison. The colour matches so many eye looks, my personal favourite to wear it with is a dark red/ orange eye, which I use my Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette to achieve, as I think the colours compliment each other very well. Moreover,  believe it is a great ‘in-between’ shade that everyone can wear; it is still in the nude colour spectrum, so is wearable for day-to-day ( like I wore in the picture, with minimal eye makeup), but because of the darkness of the shade, it can be worn with a more dramatic look, perfect for nights out, and also it isn’t too dark for those who might not be confident enough to rock a statement lip!

The product itself, like all others in the range, lasts a long time, which is why I feel I can wear it out to dinner or drinks and not worry about it smudging or coming off… you can’t say that about many dark lipstick shades! The ‘matteness’ of the product is definitely another bonus, as well as the fact that it dries down from wet to matte very quickly, good for applying makeup in a hurry or on the go!

Overall, I just love ( guessed I love it by now, huh?) the versatility of this liquid lip, and I really am surprised that this shade doesn’t get more recognition! I know I am going to continue wearing throughout the next months; definitely a product that can worn all year round no matter the season! IMG_6457

I hope you enjoyed this short post, and I am looking forward to sharing my March edition with you soon.

Thank you for reading,

Chloe x

Favourite product of the month-January edition.


Welcome back to my blog! I hope everyone is well and having a good week! I can’t believe we are in February already… where did January go!? For today’s post I thought I would share with you my favourite beauty product for the month of January. I plan on starting to make this post a monthly tradition, with a new favourite each time! So, to find out what item of makeup I chose for my ‘Product of the month- January edition’, then please keep reading!

Deciding my favourite product for this month was definitely an easy choice for me … the Makeup Revolution highlighter in the shade ‘Golden Lights’! I am sure that you may have heard the hype about this product by now, as everyone in the beauty community, including Jeffree Star, seems to be buzzing over it! The product is a white highlighter with a gold iridescent shine/ gold reflects that look amazing when they hit the light. Not to mention that it is extremely pigmented, which provides a blinding glow when applied to the high points of the face, but it can also be made to look more natural, or indeed, more intense by building up the product (which is what I normally do). Also, the texture of the product is another bonus, as the gold glitter within the product isn’t too chunky, but it is quite powdering, which I don’t particularly mind as I love the way it looks on the skin, which is the important bit!

Additionally, I think the highlighter would look good on any skin tone due to the high pigmentation and colour/ iridescent nature of the product; I have pretty fair skin, but the gold shine helps to warm my complexion up, whilst the white base brightens my face an makes my highpoints really stand out. I usually apply the product to my cupids bow, the end of my nose, my inner eye corners, underneath my brow bones, and of course, above my cheekbones! This creates a full face glow that finishes off any makeup look every time! In comparison to highlighters I have used in the past, including ones from luxury brands, I have to say this one beats them all. There isn’t much more you could ask for in a highlighter! But, the best bit is yet to come… it only costs £3! Incredible! I definitely think that I need to purchase another one (from Superdrug) as a back up for when my runs out! Although I might not need one for a while as the pan size/ amount of product you get is impressive for the price (10g).

To wrap up my favourite product post for this month, I have to say I can’t recommend the Revolution highlighter enough; I use it everyday and have no plans to stop! Below are some images of the product, both with and without flash, but I would suggest going to your local Superdrug to test it out for yourself! I have also used the highlight in some of my previous posts ( ‘Makeup by me’ and ‘NYE outfit and makeup’), so if you want to see how it looks on the skin/ how it photographs then be sure to check those out!





I hope you enjoyed this post; I am already looking forward to seeing what makeup product will be my favourite for the month of February!

Thank you for reading,

Chloe x