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Welcome back to my blog! Quick trend related post today! Whilst scrolling through Instagram, I saw a post from VogueRunway that caught my attention; a picture of Yara Shahidi. She was wearing several shades of yellow ( I would call it mustard). The caption was ‘”G Zen Yellow” is the new millennial pink’. Quite a big claim I thought! As a lover of pink, especially baby pink, and being a millennial myself, I was intrigued by their trend prediction! Especially considering how big pink as a trend has become recently. But if Vogue post about it, it must be a trend, right? I did a quick browse on Zara and Topshop, two popular & fashionable high street stores, to see what I could find. Although there wasn’t an overpowering amount of ‘G Zen Yellow’ garments, sure enough, the trend has emerged in the ‘new in’ section! I was surprised that it had slipped under my fashion radar until now. Who knows, you might see me rocking a ‘G Zen Yellow’ coloured dress this summer ūüėČ I have included some screenshots of the items I found! Let me know what you think of this new colour trend; love it? Hate it? I want to know!

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Welcome back to my blog! For today’s post I thought I would do a brand focus¬† piece on a brand I have recently discovered/ been introduced to; L.L. Bean. So, if you would like to find out more about the brand, including my thoughts & views on them… which takes¬†me down a philosophical road I¬†was not expecting to go down,¬†then please keep on reading!

Over the Christmas holidays my brother & sister-in-law mentioned a brand to me whilst we were chatting about my fashion based university course (how it was going, what I had been doing etc.). The brand they had told be about was called ‘L.L. Bean’; I had never heard of them before, but as my brother and sister-in-law told me what they knew, I thought I would find out more myself, and turn it into a blog post!

They told me that they had started to use the L.L. Bean not so long ago; it is a brand that promotes sustainable clothing, rather than fast fashion, in order to help the environment by cutting down on waste. I thought that this seemed like a really clever idea, to put it simply. They also mentioned that the company had a guarantee policy that if, for example one of their item’s that¬†you have purchased¬†develops a hole, then you can send it back and they will fix it/¬†replace it, another idea that seems very forward thinking. Their items are intended to last a lifetime, in a hope that people stop constantly rebuying clothes that are low in quality, & cheap, and so if they rip etc., would simply be thrown away, which leads to excessive waste. This all sounded really innovative and astoundingly positive to me so far.

The brand however appeal to a certain type of person, such as my brother and sister-in-law, whom are not so¬†much¬†interested in trend focused clothing, but more so sustainable long-lasting items that are suited to an outdoor based lifestyle. Whereas taking someone like myself for example, like many people in the fashion industry of today, I am more so¬†interested in the here and now fashion; high-street stores that can offer me an affordable and quick fix for a high-end inspired piece, or a trend I know will only last for a season. Is this bad of me? I never thought about the consequences that these fast fashion stores, such as MissGuided, Primark etc., have on the world/environment. Should I start buying clothing with a different ideology? An investment that will last a lifetime, rather than something that will last 2 months. Hmmm. The L.L. Bean pieces are more expensive initially, but ultimately you would be saving money in the long term because you wouldn’t have to ever repurchase the item. Which makes a lot of sense economically.

Maybe the future of fashion should take a page out of L.L.Bean’s book, but how? The world of fashion is so fast paced, constantly changing, how would an ideology like that of L.L. Bean’s work? Of course the fast fashion isn’t appealing to everyone, but neither is non-trend focused clothing. It seems as if I have opened a can of worms here… I can’t stop thinking about possible solutions to this predicament!¬†Be sure to let me know what you think about the brand if you have heard about them before/ bought from¬†them, I would love to know!

Overall, I¬†think that the brand’s idea of lifetime guarantee on clothing is great. And that more brands should be doing the same thing. It has also¬†made me think on a personal¬†level about my shopping habits in relation to buying clothes from¬†shops with¬†at a low price, with a low quality, and little information about¬†where the clothing itself has actually come from/ been made/ been made by!¬†Food for thought that is for sure. Who knew one clothing brand could make me reflect on myself and the world so much!

I will be back soon with some very exciting news!

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Welcome back to my blog! Can you believe it’s the 1st of December!? With another month done, I thought¬†I would do another ‘Of the minute’ post on a trend I have noticed this past month. If you want to find out more, then please keep on reading!

* Disclaimer* this past month I have mainly seen a continuation of the trends from last month ( check out the post if you haven’t already).

Trend : Joggers

Started off¬†by Kim K, the trend of wearing joggers for any occasion has really taken off this month. Whether you pair them with heels & a blazer, or with trainers& a hoodie, joggers are everywhere! They seem to come in every colour you can think of, with more popular ones being neutral/nude shades, such as taupe, cool grey/blue and camel.¬†I have recently picked up a white pair of Carli Bybel x MissGuided joggers that I can’t wait to wear! Comfort and style… what more could you ask for?

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Welcome back to my blog! Today’s post will be short, sweet, and all about the colour of the season…Red! Everyone knows red screams Christmas and is always a popular colour at this time of year, but now more than ever the colour has been absolutely everywhere!¬†Not only is it the colour of the Christmas season, but its the colour of the¬†A/W ’17 fashion season too! It seems like every high-street window/shop display I have seen over the past month or so features the colour red, specifically bright red.¬†I am¬†someone who personally loves more monotone colours when it comes to clothing,¬†however I have actually been loving red as the trend colour for the season! Although I wouldn’t wear, for example, a full red suit, I think bold red accessories such as a bag or pair of red boots, really help to spice up a typically plain outfit; they add a pop of colour that makes you stand out from the crowd. Below I have included some images of the colour red in fashion at the minute, and believe me, I could have found thousands of examples! Let me know in the comments if you’re loving the colour too!


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Why Photoshop isn’t as scary as you might think…


Welcome back to my blog! For today’s post I thought I¬†thought I would share with you my first¬†experience with Photoshop, and why I thought the program (thankfully) wasn’t as intimidating as I expected it to be. So, if you would like to learn a little more about the activity we were set, my outcomes and my overall opinion on Photoshop, then please keep on reading.

The task: Find images and create colour palettes for them by using Photoshop 2018.

Step One was to find the images, for this we used the database Bridgeman Education, a site I hadn’t heard of prior to the morning’s lecture;¬†you can use it to¬†find a vast array of image content covering a variety of media and multiple fields of study ( By using the website easily I found two images which linked into my current project which focuses on rebellion as a subject matter, as well as making sure the images had a varied and interesting colour scheme to work with.

The second step was to use Photoshop to create the colour palettes. We followed simple instructions demonstrated by our tutor, and then we were left to further develop the palettes by studying the images and making the size of each colour within the palette correspond with the quantity of the colour within the image ( example below). We then simply printed our work out with the option of including it in our sketchbook, which, like the blogs, is a continuous task we independently create over the year. And that was¬†it! Now for the verdict on Photoshop itself…

FullSizeRender (77)

Women in Profile Series, No.20, 1998.  John Wright.


FullSizeRender (78)

Punk Rocker. John Wright.



As someone who has never used Photoshop before I was¬†a little apprehensive to say the least, especially since the majority of people on the course have had previous experience with it. However, I did find the process, even though it was a basic/simple task that was set, rather straight forward to do ( I was expecting to struggle).¬†I think the layout and appearance of Photoshop as an¬†application makes it look, frankly, rather scary; there are lots of options, windows etc. that look rather confusing and overwhelming¬†to a newbie like myself. I found the best method when using it for the first time was to dive straight in, with clear instructions to follow and the delete/undo button as a back up, there is really no going wrong! The seminar we had did make me feel more confident, as I felt like having a guide rather than being thrown into the deep end¬†helped the experience be less¬†intimidating. The main tip the¬†tutor suggested to us when using Photoshop was simply to practice, practice, practice. Which is exactly what I plan to do! I think that after a few weeks/months of getting used to the application I should feel more comfortable and confident, but that will only come if I keep using it! Just like riding a bike yeah? As well as this, I am going to watch YouTube tutorials as a way of learning new ways to use Photoshop that we might not get taught on the course! This will hopefully give me a broader range of knowledge on Photoshop that will help me in the future with projects, briefs and even a job! I am definitely excited to see my skills develop! Skills that I probably would never even acquire if it weren’t for the FCP course!

Overall, Photoshop isn’t as scary as you think… give it a go! I plan on posting occasional updates of how I am getting on with using it, hopefully there will be noticeable progress over the upcoming months! Keep a look out and if anyone has any tips or tricks let me know!

Thank you for reading,

Chloe x



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Welcome back to my blog! Today I thought I would share with you a concept I created a few months ago whilst putting together my Fashion Communication portfolio; ‘Of the Minute’. My idea for this is to make it a reoccurring post which will feature different things I think are ‘Of the Minute’, these may include for example, brands of the minute, trends of the minute, fashion icons of the minute etc. For the first instalment below I have decided to focus on a few current and¬†popular trends (of the minute) that I have noticed this past month of October. If you want to find out what they are, then please keep on reading!

  1. The Slogan/Branded t-shirt – Gucci started this trend off a few months ago with there iconic branded t-shirt (see picture), and ever since the popularity of the trend has continued to grow with online shops such as Missguided, as well as high-street retailers like Topshop bringing an abundance of options out. Personally I have boarded the slogan tee trend; I think they can be such as staple piece to an outfit that can be dressed down with trainers or dressed up with a blazer & heels. Speaking as someone who can’t afford the Gucci original, I’m here for the high-street’s alternatives!



2. Sports Luxe/ Trainers/ Stripes- This trend is absolutely everywhere at the minute. I don’t think I can¬†walk anywhere for 5 minutes without seeing someone with trousers that have a stripe down them ( myself included). Sports Luxe as a trend has been apparent for a while now, but with the re introduction/take on Adidas’ OG stripe the hype over the trend has reached new levels. And I am obsessed. Every online website I look on has sold out of there version of the trend, whether it be a smart trousers, a pair of joggers or even as simple as a pair of leggings. But I am determined to find more side striped items… before the trend dies that is. Trainers it seems have also had¬†a comeback this past month or so with brands releasing new styles, as well as reviving the old classics, such as the Nike Air Max 97’s. Easy to wear, comfy and fashionable… what more could you want?

6942157-2untitled (15)untitled (14)untitled (17)untitled (16)


3. Fur- Another big trend I have noticed recently since the weather has been getting colder is the emergence of fur¬†jackets¬†( faux of course). With brand such as Zara releasing surprisingly affordable options, in addition to the more expensive versions from other brands, I feel like it is definitely the coat trend of the season. Additionally, a new take on the traditional fur jacket that have spotted recently has been the ‘teddy bear’ style of fur. Front runners of the trend seem to be Urban Outfitters and Missguided, as well as multiple Depop sellers copying the style. I need one in my life ASAP!



untitled (20)untitled (21)untitled (19)untitled (18)untitled (22)









4. 90’s revival- The last trend for this addition of ‘Of the Minute’ I had to mention is the 90’d revival trend. One key item that has been incredibly popular recently has to be the hoop earring; whether they’re big or small, gold or silver, it seems that everyone owns a pair! Once again, myself included. At first I was sceptical about the trend, but now I literally wear mine with everything… hoodie? Hoops. Dress? Hoops. Pyjamas? Hoops. It’s safe to say I’m addicted. Another element of the 90’s trend I have noticed whilst¬†browsing online is square neck and halter neck comeback. A popular trend in previous years that has once again starting to reappear; one that I shall have to keep my eye on other the next few months. But I predict it will be¬†a big one!


images7KGEH6YPuntitled (23)untitled (24)


Look out for the next instalment of ‘Of the Minute’!

Thank you for reading,

Chloe x

Has Nike had it’s day?

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Welcome back to my blog! Today I thought I would share with you my thoughts on a topic that has been floating around the fashion world recently… has Nike had it’s day? If you are interested in hearing my own opinion on the brand, including my POV on their recent advertisement choices, then please keep on reading!

Recently I came across a piece on Business of Fashion entitled ‘Nike needs to address it’s¬†growing product problem’; the article itself discussed the¬†evident downfall of¬†Nike’s popularity and sales (check out the piece to find out more!). I found the piece of personal interest and so, decided to explore a little further into the brand of recent. This led me to develop my own ideas/opinions which I have listed and discussed below.

  1. The increase of high-street/online active wear- Active wear style clothing is absolutely everywhere at the minute. I can’t walk to a lecture at uni without seeing at least one person with a pair of trainers on or¬†a pair of side striped trousers! Therefore I think the accessibility of clothing that was once considered to be traditionally sportswear only (i.e. wearing them to play sport in or go to the gym), but now is worn on a general day-to-day basis may have affected the brand’s popularity; you can buy active looking clothing in any high-street store or online clothing site now, rather than brands such as Nike exclusively stocking it. For example, brands such as Pretty Little Thing and Missguided sell a wide range of clothing that is from the active wear trend at the minute, but for an affordable price. This is¬†due to the fact that it is only used for costume effect rather than to be worn for practical reasons, where as Nike as a brand¬†are evidently¬†more focused on the performance side of sports and active wear and so, their¬†stock has¬†a higher price range because of this. Consequently, more people are buying the trend pieces from fashion clothing stores, rather than from established sportswear brands because they are only interested in the trend/look of the items. Therefore, this is one reason I feel like Nike are slipping off the radar… they can’t compete in the same game that the high-street stores can.

2. Advertising- I believe that Nike has missed the mark with their latest advertisement campaign which¬†featured Bella Hadid as the model, and here is why… I personally see Nike as a strong athletic brand, therefore, it was confusing to me as to why they decided to choose a model rather than an actual athlete as a means of promotion. Obviously Bella Hadid is an extremely popular model in the industry at the minute, so from that POV it makes sense for any brand to want her as their campaign model… the difference being that a brand who knows their audience and knows their own brand story would be more selective rather than choosing the obvious ( ‘Bella Hadid is popular right now, let’s get her to model for us because then we will be popular as a result’ feels like their logic behind the choice). For me, I believe that in order to stand out from other brands who have also been using popular / well known models recently, such as Kendal Jenner, Gigi Hadid etc, that Nike could have used the campaign as an opportunity to promote an up and coming female athlete, rather than a model who doesn’t play sport when promoting a sportswear brand. To me, seeing a strong female athlete, such as Serena Williams, would have been a much more fitting choice; it would appeal to young girls, give them a role model to look up to, promote females in sport, improve the brand’s image and consequently boost sales and the popularity of the brand. This is one of my own reasons/ opinions as to why the brand hasn’t been as successful as they have been in previous years… because their advertising campaigns do not successfully represent them as the sportswear brand that they are.

3. Competition- I feel like Nike as a brand have not been keeping up with current fashion trends as well as their rival sportswear brands have been. For example, Reebok, Fila and Adidas are brands which I have been seeing a lot recently in regards to the current trends of the¬†90’s rival, as well as sports luxe and street style/urban wear, all of which are becoming increasingly more popular as the weeks go on. Nike however have made little attempt to alter/change/modify themselves as a brand in order to suit these trends, nor have I seen any new releases if items/garments that I feel fall under the different trend categories previously stated. Therefore I feel that this is another explanation as to why they might be slipping off the map… in comparison to their competitors, Nike aren’t impressing the public or appealing to them.

Overall, as much as the brand might no be as dominant as they have been in previous years, I don’t think that this is the downfall/end of the Nike. I personally like the brand and shop at Nike when looking for new gym wear, however I¬†wouldn’t ever¬†browse Nike for¬†trend related clothing like I would at their competitor Adidas for example. Despite this¬†I am intrigued to see what their future plans/ releases will be! I hope you enjoyed this slightly different blog post; I am cautious to post about my views on fashion related subjects, especially when they concern such a well known brand. However, I feel like it is important to express your own opinion and view points on what is going on in the industry! I hope I will continue to be confident in portraying my opinions in the future… keep a look out!

Thank you for reading,

Chloe x


Project Pink: Text Edit.


Welcome back to my blog! Today’s post will be the final instalment¬†of the¬†‘Project Pink’ segment¬†. This post will depict¬†our final challenge in relation to colour; taking the images from the photo-shoot ( check out my first pink related blog post for more info) and editing them using text. For the brief, we had four different text types we had to apply to four photos, these included; an article, graffiti, an album cover and a promotional campaign (two positive and two negative interpretations). We had free run of what the text could say, how long it could be, whether it was satirical or humorous etc. Basically there was no right or wrong approach! Below I thought I would share with you some of my draft ideas, and also my final 4 designs for the brief. So, if you want to see the end results then please keep on reading!

  1. Article- for this text type we had to add a critical piece of text to one of our images, such as a subtitle for a newspaper article. I decided to use one of the photographs I originally planned to delete; the image of¬†my model staring out into the distance I thought was ruined by a ‘Premier Inn’ sign that could be seen. I FullSizeRender (72)thought about attempting to crop out the purple branded board, and using the image for another text type. However, I tried to think outside of the box an push myself to have a different perspective, one that was more creative than straightforward thinking. So, with that in mind I added a tag line/article sub heading¬†to the image (below), in order to turn the photograph into something that deeper than¬†a girl in a pretty dress. IMG_0671



2. Graffiti- For this text type I immediately started drawing words, phrases, messages etc. over one of the photographs by using the editor on the Instagram story. I am not at all experienced with photo-shop like other members of my course are, so I opted for Instagram as an alternative after remembering they had different types of ink styles such as a graffiti can one, that was perfect for this text type. I played around with a few ideas until I settled on the one below. This is my favourite edit out of the four as I think it has a strong message, as well as a strong and realistic visual appeal that is pretty self explanatory.




3. Album Cover- For this text type, I thought straight to my boyfriend’s band ‘Roberto Flamingo’ for inspo. I asked him for a list of there songs I could use that would match well with a photograph I had already selected. I then decided to again think out of the box a little, and choose to experiment with materials. Rather than writing straight onto the paper, or printing on top of it, I decided to use tape and stuck it straight over the image. I think this made the album cover more raw and edgy, and I really liked how it turned out! (and so did my BF and his band!).


4.Promotional Campaign- For the final text type, I decided to take inspiration from myself in relation to wearing glasses. For the tag line of the promotional campaign I found a quote from google images that expresses a struggle I face all the time… people asking if I need glasses to see! LOL. I thought that because my model was wearing glasses in the image, whilst looking fashionable, that this made for an opportunity to take a satirical/ humorous pov that could be used to promote Specsavers to show the brand in¬†a light hearted way. Taking inspo from campaigns by brands¬†such as Ikea, who aren’t afraid to poke fun at themselves or take a slightly less conventional approach to persuading consumers.

FullSizeRender (73)

Additionally, I have also included a few images with texts that didn’t make the final cut, but I still enjoyed developing and creating.

I hope you enjoyed this final blog post on the colour pink! Let me know any of your thoughts in the comment section! I will continue to blog regularly over the next coming months leading up to Christmas, now with a mix of Uni and personal related content/ posts… keep your eyes peeled!

Thank you for reading,

Chloe x




Welcome back to my blog! For today’s post I thought¬†I¬†would share with you my latest project on my FCP course…project Pink! Below¬†is the process I went through, including the stages; collect, categorise and analyse, in order to create my two¬†contrasting pink¬†mood boards.¬†So if you want to find out more about my exploration of the colour pink, then please keep on reading!

Mood board Brief: Create two A2 mood boards on your colour (pink); one entitled ‘Love it’ and the other entitled ‘Over it’. You can include anything to do with your colour such as fashion, culture, gender, history etc.

My initial ideas on the colour pink:

  • Girly
  • Feminine
  • Na√Įve
  • Stereotypically a girls colour
  • Innocent
  • Sweet
  • Worn by feminine men
  • Pretty
  • Romantic
  • Mix of red (passion) and white (pure)= toned down.

My ideas after research on the colour pink:

  • Pink in prisons- ‘Baker-Miller pink’- Exposure to the colour has a calming effect on inmates.
  • The Great Gatsby- Jay wears a pink suit- 1920’s- masculine.
  • Pink has only acquired it’s feminine connotations in the recent past.
  • ’18th century it was perfectly masculine to wear a pink silk suit with floral embroidery’- Valerie Steele – FIT Director.
  • Late 19th Century- Freud Theories- parents differentiated sex of child- pink=girls.
  • Code Pink- women for peace, justice and equity- non-violence- powerful women.
  • Korea- pink=trustworthy.
  • Japan- pink is worn by men and women.
  • Moschino Barbie collection- Hot pink, girly, tight, blonde, over done etc.
  • Breast Cancer Awareness- Pink Ribbon- female Empowerment.
  • Pink combined with different colours = different message- hot pink and black=sexy, baby pink and white= innocent, pink and blue= edgy.
  • Pink Stinks- campaign to raise awareness of damage caused by gender stereotyping children.

After collecting a variety of images from google images, fashion magazines such as Wonderland, and Tumblr etc.¬†I decided to then split up what I had found into categories for each moodbaord. Firstly, for the ‘Over it’ collage, I chose to focus on pink as a stereotypical colour, and then split this category into two further sections. The first being everything that was frilly, lacey, feminine, delicate. Specifically focusing on the colour baby pink, which connotes innocence, sweetness and naivety.¬†The second half of the moodboard focusing on the colour pink in regards to it representing ‘Barbie’/everything OTT pink, this included hot pink, pink glitter and¬†bright pink themes. Both of these interpretations of the colour pink, in my opinion¬†have been extremely over done, emphasised and stereotyped and our westernized culture, even when looking at something as simple as a chick flick DVD cover…always pink! That is why I decided to put all the images that I thought fit into the ‘girly’ category onto the ‘Over it’ mood board…. and trust me, this collage couldn’t look any girlier if I tried!

For the next mood board I sorted out the images I had collected into several different categories, being careful not to choose too many. These included; men in pink, pink in culture, neon glow pink, edgy pink, women in pink suits and pink=power. I wanted this collage to be more eclectic than the previous one, combining views on the colour pink that don’t initially spring to mind when you think of the colour. First of all,¬†I choose men in pink as a category due to the fact that¬†pink as a colour is usually associated¬†with females, consequently I decided to collect images of masculine looking men wearing pink to subvert this stereotype.¬†Next, I decided to focus on pink in culture due to the fact that I live in the UK, I am only surrounded by a westernized view of the colour pink. Therefore, by researching deeper and further a field, I found images to suggest that in other countries pink has different connotations; such as¬†that in¬†Korea the colour pink suggests a person¬†is trustworthy.¬†Moreover, I found neon glow pink a particularly interesting theme, it presented itself as something new, modern and fresh, differentiating from the over done pinks included in the previous mood board. For the next section ‘edgy pink’ I decided to look at pictures I first put into the ‘girly’ category again, focusing on the background colours and set up of the shots. I found that the colour teal blue, when paired with baby pink changed the way I once viewed the colour, and so, decided to include my findings within the collage. I also decided to include women wearing pink suits as a theme because I think the concept both supports and subverts the stereotype of the colour pink; the colour still connotes femininity, where as the style of the garment expresses masculinity. For the final section of my mood board I decided to focus on the colour pink as a statement of power; I included images of Code Pink, and also the Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon. Both of these have strong messages, and by using pink to represent them, this changes the way the colour may initially be thought of (i.e. weak, na√Įve etc).

After positioning the images on my A2 pages, I had to edit until I found a layout/composition which I liked. I then decided to add annotations to the moodbaords that corresponded with the images to help portray my thoughts behind them. Below are the two finished collages… I hope you like them! Overall I am happy with how they turned out; obviously there is always room for improvement, and I am excited to see how¬†the FCP course can push me and help me grow in relation to projects such as this one. The last pink related post will be coming shorting so keep your eyes peeled!

Thank you for reading,

Chloe x


Over It Mood Board.


Love It Mood Board.



NEW IN: Shoes.


Welcome back to my blog! For today’s post I thought I would do another ‘New In’ post. For this addition¬†I will be sharing with you what pairs of shoes I have recently purchased. So if you would like to find out what they are, please keep on reading!


  1. The first pair of shoes I picked up are a pair of faux suede mules from Primark. Mules are everywhere recently, so I couldn’t resisted trying the trend out for myself¬†when I saw these (image below) in Primark. They also came in¬†baby blue and baby pink, which were both very tempting, but I stuck with the staple black pair as I thought they would be more wearable. I love these mules, and what they do when styled with an outfit! fullsizerender-57
  2. The next pair are also from Primark; they are a pair of denim look high heels. They have a strap that goes around the ankle with a gold metal buckle,¬†and are also slightly squared at the toe, which surprising, I really like the look of. The heel height is perfect; not too high but higher than the previous pair so they look a little more dressy, great when I want to look a little more put together. I thought these shoes would be great to try out and see if I can style them… I might post a OOTD wearing them soon! Definitely feeling the 1970’s vibe! fullsizerender-59
  3. The last pair of shoes I picked up from Primark are¬†a pair of black faux suede sling backs, also with gold hardware. I have been seeing this style of shoe so much recently on social media and in magazines paired with the ‘jeans¬†& dresses’ trend, so when I saw a pair in Primark, again, I had to get them! They are a perfect day-to-day heel that I can’t wait to wear. They also had these shows in a variety of different styles, so definitely check them out if you can! fullsizerender-58
  4. The next pair of shoes are the only trainers in my ‘New In’ post, however I have been eyeing up a fair few in the past couple of days. These trainers (below) are the True White Hummus Old Skool Vans… and they are beautiful! The colour of these is my favourite thing about them; I can’t wait to wear them in the Spring/Summer months (when it gets¬†a little warmer here), and I think because of their nude/tan colour they will go with so many things! They also had these in a pink colour which was amazing as well, but I opted for the ‘hummus’ shade as I think they were more ‘me’. I am so happy I decided to order these! fullsizerender-53
  5. The final pair of shoes in this haul definitely have to be my favourite… they are a pair of red ghillie lace up heels from New Look. I adore them! I have been on the hunt for¬†a pair of red high heels for such a long time now, as I think they look absolutely killer on a night out with the right outfit, such as a LBD. So when I saw these on the website in the sale I had to pick them up! Although the heel is a little high, I think they are gorgeous and¬†are exactly what I¬†have been¬†looking for! Beauty is pain right? LOVE LOVE LOVE!fullsizerender-61


I hope you enjoyed this ‘New In’ shoes addition post! More to come soon!

Thanks for reading,

Chloe x