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Welcome back to my blog! The title above is one I never thought I would be typing, but after this past week or so my mind has changed. To find out why, please keep on reading.

For our final project this year on my university course, we were set to write a 2000 word visual report on InDesign. Now, for most people the ‘2000’ words might have been the scary part of that sentence, but not for me. As someone who enjoys writing I rather liked the fact that I get to sink my teeth into a chunk of text! The word ‘InDesign’ on the other hand, was enough to send shivers down my spine. For those of you who don’t know what InDesign is, it’s an application on the Adobe Creative Suite, like Photoshop or Illustrator. Apart from it was created by the devil. Or that is what I once thought.

The first time I used InDesign was for our first summative project back in January (which feels like years ago). I was rubbish at it. It completely overwhelmed me, and I basically gave up with it before I started. I just had such a negative mind set about it. I thought, ‘I’m not a graphic designer, so how can I do this?’

This time round, I tried a different approach. I used YouTube + a site called Lynda to watch tutorial videos on the basics of InDesign. Nothing fancy, just what you need to know to manoeuvre your way around. These were really helpful + I felt a lot more confident then I did last time. I kept the layout simple; a lot of white space, but that’s not always a bad thing. I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to pull off an amazing piece of InDesign work first time, so I went with something a little more clean + simple. I stuck with a colour scheme + tried to maintain consistent. I also went to the library + looked at graphic design books for layout inspiration, this was another helpful tip. After putting all the necessary information + images into the document, I went back through it to see where I could improve parts, rather than making it fancy from the start. If I got stuck, I would search for help online- there are so many YouTube videos out there for basically every problem you could have!

In the end, I produced a cohesive visual report that I am proud of. Is it the best report ever produced? No. Is it better than my last one? 100% yes. Do I feel like I have made improvements + that I am more confident with using InDesign now? Yes. Which to me, is all that matters!

I aim to keep improving my InDesign skills + I hope that by third year I have mastered it! Wish me luck.

Thanks for reading,

Chloe x


Why Photoshop isn’t as scary as you might think…


Welcome back to my blog! For today’s post I thought I thought I would share with you my first experience with Photoshop, and why I thought the program (thankfully) wasn’t as intimidating as I expected it to be. So, if you would like to learn a little more about the activity we were set, my outcomes and my overall opinion on Photoshop, then please keep on reading.

The task: Find images and create colour palettes for them by using Photoshop 2018.

Step One was to find the images, for this we used the database Bridgeman Education, a site I hadn’t heard of prior to the morning’s lecture; you can use it to find a vast array of image content covering a variety of media and multiple fields of study ( By using the website easily I found two images which linked into my current project which focuses on rebellion as a subject matter, as well as making sure the images had a varied and interesting colour scheme to work with.

The second step was to use Photoshop to create the colour palettes. We followed simple instructions demonstrated by our tutor, and then we were left to further develop the palettes by studying the images and making the size of each colour within the palette correspond with the quantity of the colour within the image ( example below). We then simply printed our work out with the option of including it in our sketchbook, which, like the blogs, is a continuous task we independently create over the year. And that was it! Now for the verdict on Photoshop itself…

FullSizeRender (77)

Women in Profile Series, No.20, 1998.  John Wright.


FullSizeRender (78)

Punk Rocker. John Wright.



As someone who has never used Photoshop before I was a little apprehensive to say the least, especially since the majority of people on the course have had previous experience with it. However, I did find the process, even though it was a basic/simple task that was set, rather straight forward to do ( I was expecting to struggle). I think the layout and appearance of Photoshop as an application makes it look, frankly, rather scary; there are lots of options, windows etc. that look rather confusing and overwhelming to a newbie like myself. I found the best method when using it for the first time was to dive straight in, with clear instructions to follow and the delete/undo button as a back up, there is really no going wrong! The seminar we had did make me feel more confident, as I felt like having a guide rather than being thrown into the deep end helped the experience be less intimidating. The main tip the tutor suggested to us when using Photoshop was simply to practice, practice, practice. Which is exactly what I plan to do! I think that after a few weeks/months of getting used to the application I should feel more comfortable and confident, but that will only come if I keep using it! Just like riding a bike yeah? As well as this, I am going to watch YouTube tutorials as a way of learning new ways to use Photoshop that we might not get taught on the course! This will hopefully give me a broader range of knowledge on Photoshop that will help me in the future with projects, briefs and even a job! I am definitely excited to see my skills develop! Skills that I probably would never even acquire if it weren’t for the FCP course!

Overall, Photoshop isn’t as scary as you think… give it a go! I plan on posting occasional updates of how I am getting on with using it, hopefully there will be noticeable progress over the upcoming months! Keep a look out and if anyone has any tips or tricks let me know!

Thank you for reading,

Chloe x


Everyday makeup.


Welcome back to my blog! I hope everyone is having a great weekend! Today, I thought I would share with you my ‘go-to’ makeup look that I opt for on a daily basis. It is simple and quick to achieve, which is great for days where I am running late, but still want to look put together (basically everyday!). All product details will be listed below along with some pictures of this natural and glowing look! So, if you want to find out more, then please keep on reading!




Face: For the face I wanted to keep it as simple as possible, whilst still having some coverage, colour and of course, a glow.

  • LA Girl Pro Conceal – shade Green.
  • Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer – shade 1.
  • Rimmel London Stay Matte Powder – shade Transparent.
  • Kat Von D Shade and Light Palette – shades Subconscious and Shadowplay.
  • Bourjois Paris Bronzing Powder – shade 51.
  • Benefit Rockateur Blusher.
  • Mac Extra Dimension Skin Finish – shade Double Gleam.

Eyes: For the eyes I opted for a shimmery but natural look that would match perfectly with the dewiness of the skin, with minimal use of shadows in order to save time. I also attempted to make the brows look more natural rather than structured. I did this by using feathery strokes rather than sharp/ harsh ones, as well as making them thicker & lighter.  I love the way they turned out!

  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade – shade Ash Brown.
  • Freedom Pro Conceal & Correct Palette – lightest shade for under the brows.
  • Mac Paint Pot – shade Soft Ochre.
  • Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette – shade Bitter Start and Substitute for Love.
  • Loreal Paris individual eyeshadow – shade Wild Gold.
  • Benefit Roller Lash Mascara.
  • Maybelline Brow Drama – shade Medium Brown.
  • Mac Extra Dimension Skin Finish – Double Gleam ( for the inner eye corners).

Lips: For ease I chose to apply some of my Rosy Lips Vaseline; it provides a subtle hint of colour, whilst also moisturising the lips! Not to mention it can be easily reapplied throughout the day.

To finish, as always, I used a few sprays of my Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray, to make sure that my makeup stays on throughout the whole day!

So, that completes my natural everyday makeup look! I hope you enjoyed this beauty themed post! More to come soon.

Thanks for reading,

Chloe x



DIY: Cut Out T-shirt.


Welcome back to my blog! For today’s post I thought I would share with you a step-by-step guide for a DIY I recently did. So if you want to know how I turned a normal t-shirt into a cut out tee (that is bang on trend at the minute) then please keep on reading!

What you will need:img_6118

  • A T-shirt
  • Sharp/dress maker scissors.
  • Chalk.
  • Pins.
  • A friend – you might need an extra pair of hands for some stages!
  • A4 piece of paper.


  1. Step one in this DIY is to research examples of cut out tops; I found two variations ( pictured below) to base my t-shirt on/ that I wanted to combine. v neckimg_6119
  2. Step two is to buy a t-shirt; I used a men’s t-shirt ( size large a I wanted to wear it as a dress/oversized tee) from Primark which was only £3, and they had lots of colours to pick from! img_5827
  3. Step three is to use a piece of A4 paper and place it on the t-shirt and, once you have decided how big/ deep you want the cut out to be, draw a triangle on the paper. Don’t worry if the lines aren’t straight, as we are going to sharpen the lines up with scissors. fullsizerender-47
  4. Step four- Use a pair of scissors ( I used dress makers scissors  to ensure that the cut was as clean as it could be) to cut across the lines so you end up with a triangle that will represent the cut out. fullsizerender-48
  5. Step five- put the t-shirt on and, ask a friend/ parent to help pin the triangle shaped piece of paper onto the top, then carefully take the top off. img_6117
  6. Step six is to take a piece of chalk and draw around the triangle on to the top. This is going to at as a guide when we cut the t-shirt.fullsizerender-44
  7. Step 7- Remove the pins and the piece of paper from the top ( you may want to keep the triangle for reference if you try the DIY out again!)
  8. Step 8 is to carefully use the scissors to cut out the triangle shape we drew onto the top. Take your time at this stage making sure the cut out is as even, and the point of the triangle is centralised.
  9. Step 9- try the t-shirt on and make sure the cut out is as deep/ wide as you want it. You can then make any corrections needed until you are happy with how it looks. img_5993
  10. Step 10 is simple… rock your new DIY cut out t-shirt! img_6116img_6092

I hope you enjoyed this DIY blog post! Let me know if you try it out!

I recently started an Instagram page for my blog, and have featured pictures from this post on there, so it would be great if you could check it out! Find me @ ‘chloefaceandfashion’ and leave a love heart emoji to let me know you have come from my blog, and I will be sure to follow you back! More posts coming very soon.

Thanks for reading,

Chloe x


Morphe 35O Makeup Tutorial.


Welcome back to my blog! I hope everyone is doing well! In the past two weeks, as you may have noticed, I have been MIA from my blog; I have been very busy going here, there & everywhere with University Interviews! But, I am back today with a makeup tutorial using my Morphe 35O palette that I featured on my blog just before Christmas! I have included step-by-step instructions as well as pictures, which I hope help you if you want to recreate the look below. So, if you would like to learn how I created the eye look that I have been loving lately, then please keep on reading! fullsizerender-36

  1. The first step I take when creating any eye look is to prime the eye using Mac’s Paint Pot in the shade Soft Ochre; this cancels out any discolouration, giving the lid one solid & neutral colour. I then set the lid using the lightest colour of the Morphe palette, which is going to make blending the shadows out in the next step a lot easier.
  2. Next, I take a fluffy blending brush to start applying the transitional shades into the crease. For this, I use the two warm toned light brown shades highlighted below, and keep blending and building up the colour until I am happy with how it looks. fullsizerender-37
  3. I then begin to deepen the crease using the dark orange shade in the palette; this helps to ensure that the shadows all blend seamlessly together, whilst also intensifying the crease’s colour ready for the next step. After this, I then add the darker shades to the eyelid. For this, I mix the two red/orange shades (my favourite colours from this Morphe palette!), and pack them onto the outer corner of the eyelid. I again, keep blending and swapping brushes until I feel the colours transition into each other, whilst trying to keep the centre of the lid as neutral as possible.fullsizerender-38
  4. After this, I take the gold shimmery shadow on a flat brush and apply it to the centre of the lid in the space that has been left shadow free. I repeat this until there is a good coverage of shimmer, making sure it blends into the red/orange colours on the outer corner (it’s all about the blending!). On the inner half of the lid I then use my gold glitter liquid liner, which is actually from Pound Land! This liner is jam packed with flecks of gold glitter, and has surprisingly good coverage (although the pictures aren’t doing it justice 😦 I do recommend trying it out!). I have been loving doing this step recently as I think it adds a lot to the look, and that the gold compliments the warm tones very well. fullsizerender-39
  5. I then do my face makeup, including foundation, contour and highlight; which I also apply (generously) to the inner corner of my eye and underneath the brow bone. For this particular look I chose the Revolution Makeup highlight in the shade ‘Golden Lights’ as I think the gold tones matched the eye look perfectly! (for more information on this highlight then check out my last blog post). I then use a mixture of all the orange/red shades to apply underneath the eye to balance out the lid shadows. This is a step I definitely never miss and think it makes a real difference!
  6. To finish the eye look off, I take my black liquid liner (which works best over glitter) and create a wing on the top lash line. Finally, I apply a coat of my favourite mascara to both the top and bottom lashes, making sure to curl them first before I do so! This last step completes my Morphe 35O tutorial!



I hope you enjoyed this makeup themed post, be sure to let me know if you try it out for yourself! I have lots of new posts planned for the next few weeks, so keep your eyes peeled! P.S the lipstick I am wearing is Jeffree Star’s Velour Liquid Lipstick in the shade ‘Celebrity Skin’.

Thanks for reading,

Chloe x




Eyebrow Tutorial.


Welcome back to my blog! It’s Friday, woo! For today’s post I thought I would share with you a step-by-step tutorial on how I do my eyebrows! I often get compliments on my brows(which are always the best type of compliment!), and think I have finally figured out how to create the perfect gradient brow! So, if you want to find out how I do my eyebrows, then please keep on reading. fullsizerender-35

1. The first step I take when doing my brows, is combing them through with the spoolie end of my eyebrow brush (Makeup Geek). I comb the front of my brows up, and the outer half sideways to create the shape I desire before I apply product. This only takes a few seconds, but is a step I definitely wouldn’t miss!

2. Next, I take my Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade in the shade ‘Ash Brown’ and my Makeup Geek brow brush, and begin to fill in my eyebrows. I like to start with the arch/ outer half of my eyebrow as this is where most of the product will be. I then use little brush strokes to apply the pomade so the brow will look as natural as possible ( like real brow hairs). To create the tail of the brow I use more pressure so it is opaque and defined. I usually like my brows to be quite thick, so I draw on a new brow arch that is darker than my natural eyebrows, as you can see in the image below. fullsizerender-32

3. After this, I lightly draw a line underneath the front of my brow which will allow me to create the gradient effect I desire. I then, without applying anymore product, gently fill in the front section of my eyebrow, making sure to get lighter as I reach the front. I also like to check at this point that I am happy with the overall shape and colour of my brow; if not, I go in with my of the dipbrow until I am!


4. When I have created the brow I want, I then like to define it and clean it up using concealer (Freedom Concealer palette in shade’Light’). I use the lightest shade on a Morphe ‘M75’, which is a flat ended brush, and apply it underneath the brow. This gets rid of any mistakes, and really does make a big difference! I blend the concealer using my Real Techniques ‘Deluxe Crease Brush’ which defuses the product and blends it nicely into my Mac Paint Pot in the shade ‘Soft Ochre’, that I use to prime my eyes.


5. The final step I take when doing my eyebrows is setting them in place. I use the Maybelline Brow Drama mascara in the shade ‘Medium Brown’; it ensures that all of the hairs stay in place throughout the day so I don’t have to worry bout them smudging! And that completes my eyebrow tutorial!fullsizerender-34

I hope you enjoyed this post, and let me know if you would like more of these makeup tutorials! I will be back with another post soon.

Thanks for reading,

Chloe x


Makeup by me.


Welcome back to my blog! Today I thought I would share with you the makeup look I created on my twin. My sister never usually wears makeup (the complete opposite of me!) so I decided to go for a full glam look that would contrast completely with what she normally looks like. I loved the end result and I was very happy that she let me ‘Chloefy’ her! If you want to see how it turned out then please keep on reading!

The main eyeshadow palette I used was my Morphe 350-35 as I really wanted to use the warm brow/orange shades that are perfect for this time of year! And although I was worried about ruining all the hard work I put into blending the shadows by applying eyeliner, my Kat Von D Tattoo Liner made it super easy to create a precise bold wing! I am also pretty impressed with how it went to stay I how hard liquid liner can be to do on other people. For eyebrows, I used a taupe shade from my Naked Basics palette to match my sisters light/blonde eyebrows, and because the shade was pigmented enough to allow me to create a good shape. Overall I love how the eyes turned out but it was definitely a big difference for my sister to take in! I will 100% be recreating this eye look out on myself in the near future. IMG_5597.JPG

As for the face, I knew I wanted an intense glow to match the eyes, so I opted for my Revolution highlighter in the shade ‘Golden Lights’. It is an amazing iridescent white highlight with gold reflects… I’m in love with it! Finally, I wanted the lip colour to pull everything together; at first I went for a Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lip in the shade ‘Celebrity Skin’, but because my sister has very fair skin I thought the shade looked too dark and didn’t compliment the rest of the face. In the end I picked the metallic liquid lipstick that she bought me for Christmas by LA Splash in the shade ‘Aphrodite’. I think the copper/gold colour of the lips matched perfectly with the warm eyes and the golden shimmer of the highlight, to create a wearable yet full glam look.


I hope you enjoyed this post! If you want more details on all the products I used on my sister then check out my ‘NYE Makeup and Outfit’ post as I used the same for my makeup. I’d like to say a big thank you to my twin for letting me do her makeup( after much begging and bribing), I think she looks stunning both with the makeup and without! Keep your eyes peeled for my next blog post that will be coming soon!

Thanks for reading,

Chloe x

NYE- Outfit and Makeup.

Fashion, Makeup

Welcome back to my blog! I hope everyone has been enjoying their Christmas holiday, I don’t want it to end! For my post today I thought I would share with you my outfit for tonight (NYE), as well as the makeup I plan on wearing with it! So, whether you are staying in with family or painting the town red, I hope everyone has a great time celebrating, and here’s to a magical 2017! Let’s get onto the post…fullsizerender-7

Outfit– To celebrate NYE I wanted to wear something that was festive, but also something that would be fab for partying! So, with that in mind I chose my long-sleeved, burgundy velvet mini dress from Missguided. It has ruched detailing all the way down the side, and is also slightly off the shoulder, which creates a very flattering neckline(see picture). I thought the style, along with the deep red colour of the dress, made the outfit sexy and sophisticated… perfect for NYE! To accompany the dress, I chose a pair of clear Perspex heels (from Ego), as I didn’t want to take attention away from the stand out piece, and also the chunky heel means that I can party all night into 2017! As for accessories, again to keep it simple,  I picked out my diamante choker from Primark. I think the necklace definitely adds glam to the outfit. Overall I am happy with my NYE look and I can’t wait to wear it out tonight!


Makeup– For my makeup I decided upon a full glam look; I knew I wanted to include sparkles and glitter… If you can’t on New Years, when can you?! I created a silver and burgundy half cut crease using some of my new products (check out my last post for more info!); it ended up matching the colour of my dress perfectly! Details on the products I used will be below as always. I hope you like the makeup look I created and that it might inspire you!















  • Anastasia Beverly Hills (ABH)Dipbrow Pomade in the shade Ash ‘Brown’.
  • Makeup Geek Dual Ended Brow Brush.
  • Naked Skin Concealer in the shade ‘Fair’.
  • Morphe B75.
  • Maybelline Brow Drama Mascara in the shade ‘Medium Brown’.


  • Mac Paint Pot in the shade ‘Soft Ochre’.
  • Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush.
  • Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette in the shade ‘Bitter Start’.
  • Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection no.200.
  • ABH Modern Renaissance Palette- in the shade ‘Red Ochre’.
  • No7 Pointed Brush.
  • Morphe 12S Palette- Burgundy colour.
  • Real Techniques Accent Brush.
  • Mac Extra Dimension Eyeshadow in the shade ‘Amorous Alloy’.
  • Makeup Geek Foiled Eyeshadow Pan in the shade ‘Showtime’.
  • ABH Modern Renaissance Brush.
  • Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer no.1.
  • Real Techniques Detailer Brush.
  • Blending Brushes- Mac 217, Zoeva 228 & Morphe M502.
  • Makeup Geek Foiled Eyeshadow Pan in shade ‘Highwire’.
  • Ted Baker Flat Shadow Brush & Small Brush.
  • Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette- in the shade ‘Substitute for Love’.
  • Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush.
  • (same palette) shade ‘Beans are White’.
  • Floozie Frost French Pointed Brush.
  • ABH Modern Renaissance Palette- shades ‘Raw Sienna’ and ‘Burnt Orange’.
  • Kiko Super Colour Eyeliner no.100.
  • Katt Von D Tattoo Liner in ‘Trooper’.
  • Superdrug Eyelash Curler.
  • Benefit They’re Real Mascara (Top Lashes).
  • Benefit Roller Lash Mascara (Bottom Lashes).
  • Primark Dramatic False Eyelashes in ‘Dramatic’ (cut 1/4 off to use on outer half of lashes).
  • Eyelure Lash Glue.
  • Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighter – in the shade ‘Golden Lights’ for inner corner.


  • Primer- Nivea Men Post Shave Balm.
  • Real Techniques Duo Fibre Face Brush.
  • LA Girl Pro Conceal- Green.
  • Revolution Mini Sponge.
  • Loreal True Match Foundation in the shade ‘N2 Vanilla’.
  • Body Shop Lightening Drops.
  • Sephora Beauty Blender.
  • Nars Creamy Radiant Concealer in shade Vanilla and Mini Sponge.
  • Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder and Mini Sponge.
  • Kat Von D Shade and Light Palette in shades ‘Levitation and Igrie’.
  • Real Techniques Buffing Brush.
  • (same palette) shade ‘Subconscious’ and ‘Shadowplay’.
  • Ted Baker Blusher Brush.
  • (same palette) shade ‘Levitation’.
  • Real Techniques Contour Brush.
  • Bourjois Paris Bronzing Powder in no.51.
  • NO7 Blusher Brush.
  • Benefit Rockateur and Sugarbomb Blusher.
  • Real Techniques Blusher Brush.
  • Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighter in shade ‘Golden Lights’.
  • Zoeva Luxe Fan Brush no.129.


  • Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick- shade ‘Celebrity Skin’.


  • Mac Fix+.
  • Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray.


I hope everyone has a fabulous night, stay safe! I shall be back in 2017 with more fashion and makeup posts.

Thanks for reading,

Chloe x


Glam Holiday Makeup.


Welcome back to my blog, and my first makeup post. As we are now in the full swing of the holiday season, which means Christmas parties, work do’s and nights out, I thought a holiday themed glam look would be a perfect first beauty post. I hope you like the look I created, featuring red and gold eyes, and a classic red lip and, that it inspires you in the count down to Christmas. Full details on products I used will be below!


untitled (5).png

untitled (3).pnguntitled-4









  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in the shade Ash Brown.
  • Makeup Geek dual ended brow brush.
  • Maybelline Brow Drama in medium brown.
  • Freedom Pro Conceal and Correct palette in light – to clean up.
  • Real Techniques detailer brush.


  • Freedom Pro Conceal and Correct palette in light- as a base.
  • Zoeva Concealer and Buffer Brush.
  • Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette- colour Bitter Start- to set the concealer.
  • Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection no.200
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Palette- Transition shade- Golden Ochre.Crease shade- Red Ochre.
  • Nyx Sex Bomb Palette- Bright Red shade..
  • Morphe M502 – blending brush.untitled-2
  • Zoeva 228 Luxe Crease brush.
  • Mac 217- crease brush.
  • Real Techniques Base Shadow brush.
  • Loreal Paris individual shadow in the shade Wild Gold.
  • Tedd Baker flat shadow brush.
  • Mac Double Gleam highlighter- inner corner and brow bone.
  • Tedd Baker small brush.
  • N07 small brush- bottom lash line.
  • Eyeliner- Rimmel Glam Eyes- black.
  • Mascara- Benefit They’re Real- black.


  • Stilla One Step Primer.
  • Benefit Porefessional Primer.
  • LA Girl Pro Conceal- Green.
  • Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer- 1.
  • Loreal Paris True Match foundation in the shade N2 Vanilla.
  • Sephora Beauty Blender.
  • Rimmel London Stay Matte Powder in the shade 003 Peach Glow- set the foundation.
  • MUA Hydra Powder- to bake.
  • Real Techniques sponge- to bake.
  • Real Techniques Powder brush.
  • Kevin Aucoin Sculpting Powder in shade medium. – contour.
  • Ted Baker Blush Brush.
  • Bourjois Paris Chocolate Bronzing Powder.
  • Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection no.103.
  • Benefit Rockateur blusher.untitled (6).png
  • Real Techniques Blusher brush.
  • Mac Double Gleam highlighter.
  • Zoeva 129 Luxe Fan brush.


  • Mac Redd lip liner.
  • Mac Russian Red lipstick.


  • Mac Fix+.
  • Urban Decay All Nighter.


Thanks for reading,

Chloe x